Oct 17, 2015 at 03:28 PM


November and December are excellent bass datching months.  The bass are chasing and eating bait all day long.  The result is fat, healthy, and active bass.  In the photo are two bass caught in consecutive casts on wild shiners.  One was over eleven ponds and one was over eigbht pounds.  Had we not taken photos they could have probably caught a couple more big ones in consecutive casts.  Who knows for sure?  They are out there.  Stick Maarsh and Farm 13 Rule!


The Spring is January through April.  These are the months of spawning.  There are bass getting ready to bed, bedding and getting off the bed for all of these months.  The action and catching is fantastic!


The new lake is flooding and should be open in December.  The new lake will not hald as larage a bass as Stick Marsh and Farm 13.  However, the catching should be totally awesome.  You can read about Fellsmere Reservoir by clicking on the link on the front page.

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