Mar 07, 2013 at 09:28 PM
Memories of An Old Bass Fisherman - The new memoir from Hugh Crumpler

Hugh Crumpler, the Legendary Bass Fisherman who came from almost last on the Second Day of Megabucks II to take the lead and went on to become a tournament pro and legendary Florida bass guide for more than 20 years begins a series of memoirs with his new book, Memories of an Old Bass Fisherman: The Formative Years.

Thousands of Hugh Crumpler’s guide clients have caught Monster Bass. His life long pursuit of legendary quality bass and his willingness to share with others have been exemplified over the decades by the thousands of fishermen who have shared a day bass fishing with Hugh Crumpler. These stories are humorous, educational, entertaining, enlightening, and down right hometown bass fishing.

This first installment in the series contains stories of “The Formative Years”. Years of bass fishing with relations, for food and survival, and about the learning process that evolved with bass boats, bass lures, and fishing techniques. All that thrown in with a good laugh here and there. Take a walk with Hugh down Memory Lane as the bass fishing industry envolved into the thriving enterprise that it is today.

This book is available now in PDF eBook format for just $2.00. Get your copy today, and let Hugh share with you a lifetime of laughter, tears, struggles, and joys as an avid bass fisherman.

Memories Of An Old Bass Fisherman


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